Westlands Bowling Club

Our Club

Westlands is one of the largest Parks clubs in the area.

The Club compete in several Leagues but social bowling is also enjoyed and there is great activity most afternoons.

Several social events are arranged during the season and these functions are always extremely well supported.

   Officers of the Club

  Officials are elected at the Club Annual General Meeting in January. All posts are for a
  period of one year.

  Officers for 2022 are: -

President John Jenkins
Chairman Mike Bougourd
Club Secretary David Brown
Treasurer Bernard Oates
Competitions Secretary  
Leagues Secretary David Brown


   Honorary Members

   a) Life Members

  In recognition of their services, the following were made Life Members of the Club: -

15 March 2019 John Jenkins
17 March 2017 Margaret Rushworth
20 January 2012 Ron House
23 January 2009 Alf Smith
26 March 2004 Terry Bloor
26 March 2004 Tony Smith
21 January 1994 Mike Rushworth
7 January 1980 Ray Harris
7 January 1980 George Pennell
7 January 1980 Vic Critchlow
8 January 1979 Harry Garner
16 January 1978 Harold Lawton
15 March 1976 Joe Mills
11 March 1974 Reg Ollier


   Honorary Members

   b) Club Vice-Presidents

  Until 1980 the Club Vice-President was elected annually. 

  After 1980, the position has been reserved for those who have given outstanding service
  to the Club. 

  The following have since been made Vice-President of the Club: -

17 January 2020 Terry Bloor
21 January 1994 Bill Myatt
11 January 1982 Vic Critchlow
7 January 1980 George Pennell
7 January 1980 Harry Garner