Westlands Bowling Club

                             Cup Participation                                    

The Club enter a number of local Cup competitions.

Details of our entry into each event is shown together with success as appropriate.       

F W Burgess Challenge Cup

In 1961 this became the first Cup Competition which the Club entered.

This cup was given by the Burgess family (of Burgess Bakery) for competition by clubs in the Borough of Newcastle. It was run as a handicap competition and was initially administered by the Borough Council but, shortly after their formation, the Newcastle League took on this role.

From 2002, only clubs playing in the Newcastle League Division 1 were able to enter the Burgess Cup and the competition ceased to be an open event for teams in the Borough.

Club Wins:-

1975 Westlands A

1981 Westlands A

1984 Westlands B (beat Westlands A in final)

1991 Westlands A (beat Chesterton Park in final)

1997 Westlands B (beat Westlands A in final)

2003 Westlands A (beat Chesterton Park in final) 

Derek Kelsall Trophy

Derek Kelsall had been an influential figure in local bowls and for many years had been President of the Newcastle League.  Following his death, in 1994, the Derek Kelsall Trophy was introduced as a subsidiary competition for teams eliminated in the early rounds of the Burgess Cup. 

In 2002, the Newcastle League changed the format of their Cup competitions.  Entry into this competition then became restricted to teams in the Newcastle League Division 2.

                              Club Wins:-

                                         1995  Westlands A

                                         2005  Westlands B (beat Birchenwood in final)

                                         2006 Westlands A (beat Wolstanton Private in final)

F.S. Jones Cup

This competition is administered by the Staffordshire Parks Association. Entry qualifications have changed several times but the Cup has remained for teams in the higher Divisions of the Parks Leagues. Some affiliated clubs have also competed in this event.

Since 1990 a handicap has applied, based on the Division in which teams play.

The Club first entered this competition in 1963.

                   Club Wins:-

                                        2015 Club won trophy for the 1st time (beat Burslem CC in Final)

H Stubbs Trophy

This trophy was presented to the Parks Association in 1975. Entry qualifications have been amended several times but the Stubbs Trophy has always been for teams in the lower Divisions of the Parks Leagues.

Since 1990 a handicap has applied, based on the Division in which teams play.

Club Wins:-

1987 (beat Hanford in final)

1991 (beat Bentilee in final)

1996 (beat Cheadle in final)

Sentinel Cup

The premier cup competition in the area it is open to all teams of all clubs. It provides an opportunity for lower teams to compete against the "big guns". The cup is presented by the local newspaper and at each match a collection is made on behalf of local charities.

The Club have regularly supported this competition since 1963 but have not yet reached the latter stages.

Senior and Junior Cups

Crown Green Association competitions for "A" Teams and "B" teams respectively.

The Club first entered the Senior Cup in 1963.

In 1990 the Club reached the final of the Junior Cup but lost to Florence Private.

The Club have not entered these competitions in recent seasons.

British Parks Club Championship

Having won the Staffordshire Parks Division 1 title in 2000 and 2001 and 2004 the Club was chosen to represent the League in the British Parks Club Championship of 2001, 2002 and 2005.

In 2001 and 2002 the Club were eliminated in the first round by Budenburg Bowling Club (Cheshire).
In 2005 we were again eliminated in the first round; on this occasion by Millhouses Park (Yorkshire).

This competition has provided an opportunity for our club to compete at the very highest Club level.

Congleton League Cup

For teams playing in the Congleton League.

Teams consist of 6 players per side and teams are handicapped in line with the ability of their squad.

The Club first entered the competition in 2012.

                Club Wins

                             Won the Competition in 2013 (beat Congleton Cricket Club in Final)

                       Retained the Trophy in 2014 (beat Norton Central in Final)

                       Won Competition in 2016 (beat Clough Hall in Final)

                       Retained Trophy on 2017 (beat Congleton Park in Final)

                       2018 Won Competition for 3rd consecutive year (beat Knypersley in Final)