Westlands Bowling Club

Westlands Sports Ground

The Club is based at:-

                         Westlands Sports Ground
ood Avenue
   ST5 2JD               


Westlands Sports Ground is alongside the A 53, about a mile West of Newcastle town centre.

There are currently 12 Tennis Courts and 2 Bowling Greens on the site which is run by Newcastle Borough Council.

The present complex was opened by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury (of Bournville Village Trust) on July 4th 1936. At that time there were 11 hard and 4 grass Tennis Courts and 2 Bowling Greens.

Prior to the development of this Municipal facility, a Private Tennis Club had operated on this site since 1928. They also had a bowling green but reports suggest that it gave many problems.

In October 1937 a putting green was opened on the opposite side of Wedgwood Avenue; this closed several years ago.

The "Bowls Pavilion", and the "Booking Office"  were part of the original project.  There was also a "Pavilion" alongside the putting green, this was burnt down some time ago. There was also a "Workshop behind the Tennis Courts but this became derelict and was demolished in 2004.

The original Community Centre, opened in 1938, was replaced by the existing building.

The house at the corner of Wedgwood Avenue was initially the residence of the Tennis professional. who looked after the day to day running of the complex.

  Both bowling greens are 42 yards square. The green seen in the foreground is regarded as the match green and is used for most League games.

The greens were laid in 1936 by Messrs Bakers of Wolverhampton. Initially both greens were said to have been laid with a 9" crown, but subsidence has since added numerous contours.

"Sea-Washed Turf" was specified for the greens, the original cost of turfing the greens was 420 per green plus an additional 15 for providing the crown.

The first Bowls Pavilion between the 2 greens was erected in 1937. The Main Pavilion, Bowls Pavilion and Workshop were erected by Maddock Bros at a total cost of 913.

The House (for the Tennis Professional) was built by Madew and Wardle at a cost of 685.

A large number of members bowl most afternoons and the photo shows members during one of their sessions.